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Building Arcadia 

Sci-fi adventure idle city-building game for iOS & Android


Help rebuild Arcadia into the utopia it once was.
Available free for iOS and Android

Building Arcadia is a mobile simulation game at its core with a rich story-driven narrative. Heavily inspired by the endless gameplay mechanics of idle and rogue-like games.

Set in the far future where Humanity has joined an interstellar community called "Arcadia". However, as the story progresses a calamity befalls it setting it into chaos. Your job is to rebuild this once great utopia to what it once was. 

Explore the galaxy and rebuild each of the colonies one by one. Help each of the races to become what they once were and reform the Arcadian Council. Balance resources and the needs of your colony. Discover mysterious anomalies that can grant you powers, rewards, and death. Thankfully in the future, this is but a nuisance.

Meet interesting characters and races along the way, who will aid you as you rebuild Arcadia to its former glory. Discover why it fell in the first place, and prevent it from ever happening again. But will it stand the test of time, this time?

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Thanks for taking the time to scroll all the way down here. We're very much a young company with ambitious goals. Let us tell you a little bit about us. 

We make games for mobile mainly, but our goal as a company is to create deep and engaging stories that should be on par with what you would find on desktop or console. We believe that mobile gaming is still in its infancy and that we can create truly unique games that will push the envelope and give gamers new experiences that they can't find elsewhere. We think that gamers should be respected and get true value for their time, support and money. After all, we're all gamers ourselves.

We're a 100% remote business. Currently, there are 2 of us based in Poland and Ukraine. We hope you enjoy our games and we look forward to making more. 

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